I think that intercativity is everywhere around us. Interactivity is a communication. Communication for us is our friends, family, other people with whom we meet at any time of our life. Technical communication: Internet, cells, videos, etc. 



Naturally, interactivity is not only between people. It can refer to software, where exists data or commands. Interactive software includes most popular programs, such as word processors or spreadsheet applications.

One more example of interactivity is a Virtual Reality. This program is a technical fantasy, which hepls people to interact with computer-stimulated environment, as a real or imagined dream.  


Hello everyone!!!    image059.jpg         

Welcome to my personal weblog! I want to  dedicate you to my thoughts, I hope it will be interesting for you!

My name is Indira. I`m a second year student of BAIJ.                                                       Came to Almaty from the NOrthest town in Kazkhstan – Petropavlovsk! I like Almaty and styding in KIMEP!!!

So, if you want to know more about me, you can go to : manzani.hi5.com

Thanks for coming!

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